AIVIA Platform Step By Step Investor’s Manual

This step by step manual will help you utilize all the tools of the AIVIA platform such as Traders, Bots and AIV token.

Step 1 – Register an account on the AIVIA Platform

Request and use the referral link of the person who invited you to learn about AIVIA Platform and complete the registration.

Step 2 – Create a crypto wallet

See the instruction for creating a crypto wallet

Step 3 – Verification of your Crypto Wallet

Follow the instruction for your crypto wallet verification

Step 4 – Crypto Wallet Settings

See the instruction to review AIV tokens in your crypto wallet.
See the instruction to add your USDT wallet to MataMask.

Step 5 – Choose and Purchase a Pack

See the instruction to purchase a pack.

Step 6 – Purchase AIV tokens

See the instruction to purchase AIV tokens.

Step 7 – Create an account on Bitmex crypto exchange, create an API key, and make a deposit into your crypto exchange account

See the instruction to create API keys
See the instruction to purchase BTC with a credit card and make a deposit in your Bitmex account.

Step 8 – Create an Investment account on AIVIA Platform

See the instruction to create an investment accounts on AIVIA platform

Step 9 – Link to Traders and Bots to your Investment account

See the instruction to link to a Trader
See the instruction to Unlink from the Traders and Trading Bots

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