AIVIA Quick Start Guide

This step-by-step instruction will help you quickly follow traders / robots on the AIVIA platform and start copying their trades to your exchange accounts.

Step 1 – Creating an account on the exchange

Create an account on Bitmex or Binance exchange.

Next, complete the verification of your exchange accounts. After that, create API keys on your exchange accounts. Then fund your exchange accounts with cryptocurrency, BTC for Bitmex and USDT for Binance. This is all you  need to follow traders / robots with AIVIA platform copy trading system.

Attention! If you do not want to create a new accounts in order to take advantage of our free plan, then create API keys for your existing accounts with the permission to Set an Order on the exchange and proceed to Step 2

See how to create an API keys on Bitmex

See the instruction for verification on Bitmex

Instruction for creating an API key for trading futures on the Binance exchange

If you want to follow multiple traders/bots, then the Bitmex exchange user must create a separate account for each trader/bot. For the Binance exchange, you must activate sub-accounts. Separate subaccount for each trader/bot.

See the instructions for activating a sub-account on the Binance exchange.

See instructions on how to make a deposit and create API keys on Binance sub-accounts.

Step 2 – Creating an account on the exchange

In the section My Accounts on the AIVIA platform, add one or more exchange accounts.

See instructions for adding your exchange accounts to AIVIA platform

Step 3 – Selecting and following a trader / robot on the AIVIA platform

After adding your exchange account in the section Traders & Robots, select the trader or robot you are interested in following it is only going to take a few clicks. To follow, you must have a minimum deposit on the exchange account, for Bitmex it is 0.02 BTC, and for Binance 500 USDT.

See instruction on how to follow a trader/bot

The proper way to disconnect from traders and trading robots

Step 4 – Diversification on the AIVIA platform

It is always smart to diversify your deposit among several traders / robots using different exchanges and different assets such as BTC and USDT. To diversify, you will need to open several different exchange accounts and follow several traders / robots.

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