Activate your sub-account on the Binance exchange

Activate your sub-account on the Binance exchange

The sub-account feature allows you to create multiple futures accounts within your Binance exchange main account.

Please note! To activate the Sub-account feature you must have a minimum amount of 10,000 USDT or have a trading volume of 10,000 USDT or more in your Binance account.

If any of these conditions are met you can submit a request for activating sub-accounts.

How to apply?

You must follow these steps to activate the sub-account features in your Binance account.

Step 1

Please login to your Binance account by entering your login information. If you are logged in, please follow step 2

Step 2

Click on this link  enter the requested information in corresponding fields and submit an application

In paragraph number 5 enter AIVIA as a broker you are using to run trading strategies. Please, see a screenshot below.

Please note! Only after this application is approved, Binance will activate the sub-account function on your exchange account and you will be able to create several sub-accounts within your main Binance exchange account.

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