How to add your Exchange Account on AIVIA Platform?

How to add your Exchange Account on AIVIA Platform?

Step by step instruction on adding your Exchange account to AIVIA platform.

Why do you need to add your Exchange account? To enable you to link your exchange account to the traders on AIVIA platform.

Step 1.

Login to your AIVIA platform account.

Step 2.

In your dashboard on the left panel click on My Accounts. Alternatively,  you can click on the yellow tab on the button Start Now.

If you logged in in your AIVIA account, you can click on this link

You will be transferred to the page shown below. Please read the text and follow the instructions.

To add your Exchange account to AIVIA platform you need an account on Bitmex or Binance exchange. If you do not have an account on Bitmex or Binance, first you need to create it.

If you do have a Bitmex or Binance account, then click on ADD ACCOUNT, please see the screenshot below.

You will need to choose Account name, choose the Exchange name, and input API key and Secret information in the fields of the window that just popped up. After you input this information click the SAVE button. See the screenshot below

Our platform will verify your data and if everything is correct, then your Bitmex exchange account will be added to the AIVIA platform. The statistics from the Bitmex account will be displayed in your AIVIA platform account under “My Accounts” tab, see the example below.

After adding your exchange account, you can link to a trader of your choice from AIVIA platform. You can review statistical data of the trader’s performance, before making a decision.

Only one trader can manage one account. If you want to link to multiple traders, you will need multiple Exchange accounts. Each exchange account has to be added to your AIVIA platform account by following the same steps.  To diversify the risks the deposit can be distributed among several exchange accounts to link to several traders. It will help you to create an investment portfolio using different trading strategies and minimize risks.

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