Launch of PHOENIX trading on Binance

Launch of PHOENIX trading on Binance

Just a couple of days ago, the bidding of our project started on Binance!

"We managed to transfer our unique trading system to Binance with minimal changes, while maintaining the most important parameter of success - wide diversification. At the same time, there are more than 70 instruments and the same number of strategies in the trading. We have been proving the profitability of the approach for more than 1.5 years, and we plan to continue on the largest crypto exchange, including. Now, after all, if there is no project on Binance, then there is no project in the crypt" commented Alexander Shvaiba, co-founder of the foundation

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We will be glad to see you among our investors! The connection instructions, description and conditions can be found at the link -

chat - @phoenixxmbt
channel - @phoenixfundpro
contacts - @U_Roma, @YakovByakov, @dreamcast2

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