When is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

When is a good time to buy Bitcoin?

If you still don't know what a Bitcoin is, you have probably been living under a rock for the last 5 years. As everybody knows, Bitcoin was introduced at the end of 2009 and became a major contributor to an entirely new market and the emergence of a new class of assets. Bitcoin evolved from the experiment of a secluded group of enthusiasts to a major financial market player. It is accounting for 38% of the entire crypto market with a capitalization of over $320 billion. Its market price went from around 30 cents per unit to the staggering $69 thousand per Bitcoin at the height of the market. It is an increase of over 230,000 X or 23,000,000 percent.

Regardless of the price decrease to under $17,000 per Bitcoin it represents 56,667 X or 5.6 million percent. It means a $100 investment at the very inception, would be worth $5.6 million.

There is no other asset known to produce that type of return on investment, growth, and opportunity.

Regardless of these market moves, some people have lost money on Bitcoin. They have bought it high and sold it low. Sounds familiar? It is like everything else in life, the right place and the right time.

If we look at the market moves as far as 5 years back, before the most recent bull run, Bitcoin reached almost $20,000 its highest point of that time in December of 2017, then crashed down to around $3000 in December 2018, then went back up to around $15,000 in June 2019, only to crash down around $3500 in the March of 2020, and started its bull run that ended in the highest price point above $69,000 in November of 2021. Anybody who purchased Bitcoin in 2017, even at the highest price point, had the opportunity to sell it for 3X profit in November of 2021. Instead, a lot of people who, purchased in the highest point of 2017 lost money. So if Bitcoin is such a great opportunity, why do people lose money? The reason is the lack of skills, investing strategies, patience, confidence, understanding, and knowledge of the crypto space.

So the question is: when is the right time?

The answer is simple: first of all, when you have enough money, that you can afford to lose, and second, any time you can make a profit is a good time to buy or sell. Please, let me explain. Research shows, that when the market makes a move, it presents an opportunity for profit. Spot market only presents an opportunity, when you buy low and sell high. But if you buy and the market goes in the opposite direction, it might take years to see the recovery and profit, if any. Most people don't have the patience or the money to hold the position until it becomes profitable.

Luckily there is a futures contract trading. It allows traders to bet against Bitcoin (taking leveraged short positions) in a bear market and ride the bull run (taking a long leveraged position) when Bitcoin shows a tendency to a price increase. Most people don't understand trading strategies, trends, news, and other factors that affect the price of Bitcoin. How and when can they buy or sell Bitcoin?

For that exact reason, we have created the copy trading platform - AIVIA. Anyone can create a free account and start following the proven trading strategies of professional traders. Users can review the performance of every trader before deciding to follow. The trading strategy will be copied from the leading trader to the user’s exchange account. This copy-trading system is also known as social trading. For a novice user of a crypto market, it is an ideal way to gain some experience. AIVIA is integrated with Binance and Bitmex exchanges, which allows accessing some crypto assets in addition to Bitcoin. Some reputable exchanges such as OKX and others will be added.

For seasoned crypto influencers, signals providers, community leaders, and asset managers we have a white-label solution for social trading (copy trading). The website AuM.expert provides more details. Professional traders with established communities of subscribers, users, and followers can use our copy trading software and platform under their brand. Set up is free and easy. Use our subdomain or your domain, and choose your colors, and fonts. Upload your logo. The complete user interface referral program, billing, and merchant service to collect subscription fees are all integrated. You can be launching your copytrading (social trading business) within 30 minutes or less. The setup is free. Many custom solutions are available as well. The AuM.expert is a truly turn-key business. To view a short demo please click here.

We wish you a lot of success.

May profit be with you!

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