We have launched a copytrading White Label solution for crypto assets traders

We have launched a copytrading White Label solution for crypto assets traders

Please welcome our new product  https://aum.expert

AuM Expert - is a solution for the traders and hedge funds to operate a copy trading business under their branding.

If you are a trader or an asset manager with a group of clients, the White Label is your ticket. Our copytrading technology enables your customers to follow your lead. It means that your trades will be copied to their accounts.

Here is how it works

By completing a simple registration at AuM Expert, you will get access to the control panel, where you can create your project consistent with your brand (logo, color scheme, font, etc. It will be the style of a dashboard for your clients). When setting up a White Label project, you will create a separate link for your clients’ registration on our subdomain or on your domain. Then set up and configure trading strategies, add your master accounts, and allow your clients to copy trades through API keys.

After registering using your link, clients get access to their personal dashboard (designed accordingly to your brand), where they can add their API keys and link to your trading strategies.

We cover the entire technology aspect for:

  • The branding;
  • The subscription and/or success fee pricing;
  • The copytrading;
  • The automated billing;

Using our solution, you can start your own business at zero cost.

All instructions for launching a White Labelfor copytrading under your own brand can be found here https://aum.expert/blog/

Please, visit our new website to learn about our new product https://aum.expert. There you can find answers to the FAQ.

If, for some reason, you have not found an answer, feel free to ask our customer’s support for help.

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