Most Promising Metaverse Projects in 2022

Most Promising Metaverse Projects in 2022

The current situation in the cryptocurrency market cannot be described as clear-cut. Investors disagree on which assets are the most profitable investments. According to many analysts, today's realities are such that investing in popular virtual coins involves quite high risks. There is not even a clear idea about the further fate of Bitcoin. All this keeps crypto investors in a constant state of tension.

Investing in the Metaverse

Many experts in the world of cryptocurrencies recommend paying attention to the tokens of meta-universes, which show positive dynamics and quickly increase in value. At the same time, they do not react to the vicissitudes of the economic crisis, a pandemic that negatively affects the financial market, and other similar factors. However, sometimes they collapse for no apparent reason, causing huge losses to their holders.

But the majority of investors think that Metaverse tokens are a good and promising tool. This is because there is a high probability that they will perform positively in the future and contribute to the growth of capital. Therefore, it is worth studying the TOP projects of the Metaverse, which currently have a low capitalization. They are relatively cheap at the moment but have good growth potential.

Theta Network (THETA)

The Theta Network is ranked by many analysts (e.g. Altcoin Daily) as the #1 most promising metaverse project. Already, the THETA coin is not the cheapest, and its further potential is quite hopeful. The main reason for its popularity is the fact that Theta Network is a ready infrastructure that allows you to run any projects in the Metaverse.

This becomes available through a combination of two main features:

  • Visualizing virtual reality in real-time;
  • Streaming video from the created worlds over a decentralized network.

The platform allows you to create custom assets and save them in NFT formats.

Many analysts are predicting an upward movement for the token THETA.

It is important for every investor to buy the asset he wants at a low price. And while it appears that no artificial demand has yet been created for THETA, the coin has not been pumped (or dumped) in the current hype. At the same time, there is an upward trend, albeit not very noticeable, but still, this can be seen in the chart below.

Experts believe that the best way for Theta Network to move forward is to sign a partnership agreement with Decentraland or Sandbox. These are two related projects that are currently being talked about a lot in the cryptocurrency space and also have good prospects. The community is expressing confidence that THETA is poised for great success if it is implemented as soon as possible. But even alternatively, the positive momentum of the project is obvious.

Realm (REALM)

The price of the Realm token is significantly lower than its predecessor’s, and the capitalization is only about $20 million. It is also clear that this coin has recently been artificially pumped, and its price is now systematically falling.

The developers of the project have designed it as an absolutely independent virtual world, where the user has the right to choose his own habitat and role in the events.

A distinctive feature of Realm is the transparency of a well-chosen team, an interesting roadmap, and investors in the form of venture capital funds. It is common to call them Tier 2 funds, i.e. the second echelon. However, their money is equated to institutional money, and the funds strive to make a profit on their investments.

According to analysts, Realm has only gone through the first phase of pumping, and as you know, there can be several of them in a year. Therefore, buying a token at the current price can bring a good profit.

GAIA Everworld (GAIA)

The list of GAIA Everworld partners also includes second-tier investment funds.

The creators of the project invariably demonstrate excellent performance results:

  • In October this year alone, $3.7 million was raised for the development of the project.
  • The blockchain games offered by GAIA Everworld are interesting even for die-hard gamers who have already "seen it all."
  • The developers' desire to constantly improve their offerings is especially gratifying.
  • Players are given the opportunity to populate the virtual world with their own kingdoms and realize the most daring ideas in it.

Almost immediately after the GAIA token appeared on the exchange, it began actively selling. But it also experienced a kind of upswing due to the hype of 2021. Analysts express confidence in the further growth of its value and recommend it as an investment instrument with good prospects.

Star Atlas DAO (POLIS)

This project can be considered a worthy alternative to MMOs, only in the genre of fantasy. The game offers an open space to explore the entire universe. This is what makes the POLIS token so promising.

Some will say that the idea of building your own spaceship to explore distant galaxies cannot exactly be called new. And they’d be right if there was not a "but" - this is the first blockchain game to use NFTs to design a ship and its equipment. This means that not only can these be made, but they can be sold on a completely legal basis. At the same time, you do not have to worry about lockdowns on the game server (as is the case with centralized base games).

Everything is attractive in the solutions developed by Star Atlas DAO: from the design of the game to the speed of the work. Launching this project on the Solana blockchain will allow avoiding delays in processing transactions and reducing their cost.

Now about the price of Star Atlas.

At first sight, it would seem that the peak of the token has already passed, but this is not the truth. The right approach to the social component will usher in the "second wind" for this project. And in Discord, a community has already developed that today has more than a hundred thousand subscribers.

Moonscape (MSCP)

This is a very young project that differs from the previous ones. Trading on it commenced only at the beginning of December 2021, and so far it is only happening on the PancakeSwap exchange.

This is a strategic game where the player builds a base, explores the territory, gathers, and equips troops to provide adequate resistance to the enemy.

Analysts draw your attention to the good prospects of the game and the level of details that are meticulously thought out. And fans of the genre of strategy games point to a completely new vision for this type of game.

A good strategy game is unrealistically difficult and simply adding an NFT concept will not solve the problem. A quality strategy can only be created by a talented and knowledgeable team willing to fully commit to this extremely complex process.

To be fair, Moonscape's social activity rate is still very low. It is only observed on Twitter and does not exceed six thousand subscribers.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Ethereum blockchain was used to develop the in-game currency (SAND token). This asset is used in the game The Sandbox. It is relatively expensive now, but very promising.

This project has good prospects due to the start of open testing of the virtual reality platform. The user-generated content ecosystem has its own NFT marketplace and a gaming platform.

It is expected that these features of the project will provoke skyrocketing prices. But it should be borne in mind that at this stage, the SAND token is heavily pumped up, and there is a high probability of its fall.

The decrease in the demand by coin buyers is offset by the upward trend. This gives analysts a reason to argue that as soon as the correction to the $4 level passes, there will be rapid growth, as a result of which SAND may become one of the leaders in the list of metaverse tokens.

Decentraland (MANA)

This is another of the first projects launched back in 2017 with the aim of creating a decentralized virtual reality platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

The user has access to the purchase of land, creation of works of art, as well as non-fungible tokens.

MANA acts as the main token of Decentraland. Players are given the opportunity to be members of the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Such a system gives each MANA token holder the right to participate in the management of the Decentraland project.

Like the previous project, at this stage, MANA is heavily pumped, and its purchase can carry high risks.

Somnium Space (CUBE)

Somnium Space has brought a lot of attention to the NFT industry and games in general. The Ethereum blockchain was used to develop the main CUBE token.

The participant of this blockchain game becomes the owner of a unique experience of interacting with three-dimensional avatars. Each player on the WebXR Somnium platform has the opportunity to use any device to gain access to the metaverse. (mobile VR mode or 2D/VR on a personal computer - no matter).

Thanks to the CUBE cryptocurrency, it is possible to achieve simplification of in-game transactions.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Despite the youthfulness of the Bloktopia project, it has already managed to arouse interest from top-tier investors (for example, Animoca Brands), as well as get the support of several reputable cryptocurrency exchanges (OKEx, KuCoin, and others).

The Polygon network is used to operate the Bloktopia metaverse. An advanced real-time 3D rendering engine makes it easy for users to create and experience stunning visuals in VR.

As in the bulk of other meta universes (metaverses), Bloktopia offers users a platform where they can buy NFT and BLOK tokens. As the staking program develops, the usefulness of BLOK tokens also grows. At the same time, a yield of 60% per annum or more is provided.

In 2 months, the price of the BLOK token has risen more than fivefold - up to 6 cents. However, at the peak, the price rose to 17 cents. Therefore, at the moment we can say that the asset is sold quite expensive, but the price is much more profitable than it was at the pump.

Highstreet (HIGH)

Metaverse users can also make money playfully.

The difference between this project and others is that it implements a hybrid model of digital and physical:

  • HIGH is the service token of the Highstreet platform, and it provides instant liquidity to holders.
  • NFTs are an indispensable element of the Highstreet virtual worlds. Thanks to such assets, the user using the HIGH token can purchase real-life items.
  • If the player has a desire to become the owner of in-game assets, then he can simply complete quests, play, and have a good time.

In the 2 months of the project's existence, the HIGH token has increased 4-fold in price - from $5 to $20. Therefore, it makes sense for long-term investors to wait for a little to buy.

Meta Hero (HERO)

With the advent of Meta Hero, a new type of technology is available in the Metaverse - 3D scanning and modeling. Their presence allows users to easily perform the transformation of their real-world assets in the NFT of the metaverse.

By joining forces with Wolf Studio (the world leader in 3D scanning), Meta Hero has been able to conduct extensive testing of the most popular games. For example, CyberPunk 2077.

Scanners integrated into the metaverse allow for a large number of new use cases.

Among them are:

  • creation of characters in the game;
  • network scanning;
  • 3D printing.

Today, the game uses 4K HD meta-scanners, but the team plans to switch to 16k ultra-HD ones.

The project token is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • to conduct a transaction on the NFT market;
  • to pay for scanning;
  • royalties.

In 3 months, the price of HERO has increased 15-fold.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The blockchain game Star Atlas has a dual economy and well-designed graphics. This is due to the fact that it is built on Unreal Engine 5. Users are showing interest in the development of the metaverse, which is based on Solana. The launch of the trailer provoked an appearance of a large number of fans on social networks.

Using the in-game ATLAS token, the user can:

  • place bets on various events;
  • participate in a dispute over the right to purchase items circulating in the game;
  • carry out research of different worlds.

The game is still in development, but some features are available now. And if you believe the roadmap and take into account the team's efforts, the result must be a real masterpiece.

The ATLAS game token periodically demonstrates strong fluctuations but has not yet shown significant growth.


To solve many of the problems in the market, NetVRk has chosen virtual reality in combination with a variety of earning opportunities. The target audience of this project has no age or professional restrictions.

The following options are available here:

  • creating a game or virtual space;
  • selling your creations to other players or converting them into NFTs.

Any user, whether he is a content creator or a developer, can benefit.

With internal NETVRK tokens, the user can purchase assets from the virtual reality world. Assets in this case mean vehicles, buildings, objects, and much more offered on the NETVRK market.

RedFox (RFOX)

Red Fox Labs is a technology company currently developing virtual retail spaces. The ambition of the project allows it to qualify for the title of the autonomous metaverse, capable of providing a unique shopping experience enabled by the combination of game elements in Callinova Auction and RFOX VALT.

To facilitate transactions in the ecosystem, the Red Fox project has two tokens:

  • If a user needs to purchase land or virtual assets, then RFOX tokens are at his service.
  • VFOX is a token for investments and rewards within the metaverse. This token is only listed on the PancakeSwap exchange.

At this stage, both assets are showing fairly strong volatility.

In the future, it is possible to supplement the final metaverse with products such as RFOX Games and RFOX Finance, developed by Red Fox Labs.

Epik Prime (EPIK)

Epik Prime is an NFT technical platform and the world's leading digital agency rolled into one. The company does not have its own metaverse. But the cost of the unique in-game drops produced is estimated to be millions of dollars. Deals involving NFT projects and leading AAA game companies are made on this platform.

Epik Prime's business model is different from existing blockchain gaming concepts. The project is designed to help companies license and build blockchain-based gaming experiences and NFTs. The project's unit of account (EPIK) integrates brands with video games, VR/AR, and apps. Epik embodies the unique opportunities of collaboration on digital platforms and ensures the convenience of every user.

The exchange rate chart of the EPIK token shows that at the moment it can be bought cheaper than at the original price. That is, it can be stated that early investors were at a loss. However, the perspective of the project idea allows predicting its further development. And now there is an opportunity to buy a token at a reduced price.


Today, there is a real boom in the cryptocurrency market associated with the blockchain gaming industry, which will undoubtedly result in an increase in the value of many Metaverse tokens. But do not forget the time without which a really good game cannot be developed. It takes at least two years to develop a fully functional game project.

Moreover, it is very important to consider the huge volatility and risk associated with crypto assets. Therefore, if you decide to participate in such a project, you need to conduct a detailed analysis and draw up long-term plans.



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