Copy trading on BitMEX

Copy trading on BitMEX

AIVIA platform developed a copy trading system. Now you can copy strategies of successful traders and bots to your own BitMEX exchange account.

Start copy trading on BitMEX by following these steps

Register on the AIVIA platform by clicking on this link:

Register an account on BitMEX exchange by clicking on this link: Verify your exchange account. Create an API key with read-only permission. Click the link to see the instruction: follow multiple traders/bots using the AIVIA copytrading system, the user must create a separate BitMEX account for each trading strategy.

Add each BitMEX account to your AIVIA platform and input API keys and secret for each one of them. AIVIA platform allows for the input of an unlimited number of accounts.

Link your accounts to any trader/bot on the AIVIA platform. Please see the instruction:

After you link to the traders/bots, the AIVIA copytrading system will be trading in your BitMEX exchange account.

What cryptocurrency and what is minimum deposit amount can be used for copytrading on BitMEX?

Bitcoin (BTC) is the cryptocurrency used for copytrading. The minimum deposit required for copytrading is 0.02 BTC.

The advantage of AIVIA copytrading on BitMEX

  • You are in control of your BTC. The deposit always remains in your BitMEX account. Traders, Bots, AIVIA, and any other entities have no permission to withdraw your assets;
  • Every trader/bot participating in the AIVIA copytrading system undergoes a thorough audit and backtesting of the strategy before users will be able to follow and copy trading positions in their BitMEX exchange accounts;
  • Strict risk management system with stop losses. In case of reaching a maximum set drawdown, the system will execute a stop loss to prevent the user from losing the entire deposit;
  • Advanced settings. Users can adjust the drawdown and the leverage based on their risk appetite.
  • Diversification among multiple trading strategies of different traders and bots will increase the probability of profit and minimize the risk of loss.

What are the risks of using the AIVIA copytrading system on BitMEX?

AIVIA copytrading system is a unique and advanced technology that allows users to copy successful trading strategies of traders and bots to their own BitMEX accounts. Thus the profit or loss will depend on the strategy of the Traders and Bots. Diversification among multiple strategies will help to mitigate the risk. Users can review the risk disclosure statement by clicking on this link: Risk Disclosure

Choose among the top traders and follow their strategy in a few clicks

What is the cost of the AIVIA copytrading system on BitMEX?

You can choose to become qualified for our Free plan, with the initial cost of using our copytrading system will be free of charge. To become a qualified user must open an exchange account on BitMEX without a referral link.

Before following traders/bots using AIVIA copytrading services, users must choose one of the monthly payment plans.

There are two options to choose from:

- 25% success fee paid only if there is a profit

- or 1% of the total deposit amount monthly

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