Refer a Trader and get rewarded 200 USDT

Refer a Trader and get rewarded 200 USDT

AIVIA platform is announcing a limited time promotion in order to extend our Traders’ base.

All our IBOs have an opportunity to receive 200 USDT reward for every Trader they refer.

In order for an IBO to receive a reward Traders must meet certain criteria:

  1. The amount of the Trader’s personal assets used for trading activity must exceed 0.5 BTC.
  2. Trader must utilize STOPLOSS in trading strategy.
  3. Trader must provide verifiable statistical performance data for the past 12 month or more.
  4. Trader’s performance (ROI) must be 60% or higher.
  5. Trader must conduct trading activity on Bitmex crypto exchange.
  6. Trader must be willing to provide AuM (Asset under Management) services.
  7. Trader’s losses should not exceed 15% for the entire trading history.
  8. Trader must use your referral link to register on the AIVIA platform.

In order to receive 200 USDT reward for referring a Trader to the AIVIA platform, the trader must meet those requirements. A trader must register; create a project on the AIVIA platform, and trade for 90 days or more. After Trader meets all the requirements, you will receive 200 USDT to your account. This promotion starts on May 15th and ends on August 15th. AIVIA has the right to end this promotion at any time in its sole discretion.

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