Why It Is Important to Pay Your Invoice On-time?

Why It Is Important to Pay Your Invoice On-time?

Make sure you submit on-time payments according to the invoice on your account on the AIVIA platform.

Please note! If a trader made a profit for you in your trading account, they are entitled to receive a fee according to the user and trader agreement. In AIVIA, our goal is to create maximum convenience for Investors and Traders alike, in order to ensure smooth and profitable operations of the platform.

When receiving an Invoice from traders in your AIVIA platform back office, you have to pay it on-time, in order to keep on profiting from traders and trading bots.

How Soon Should I Pay an Invoice?

Invoice has to be paid within 3 calendar days from the day it is issued.

What Happens If I Will Not Pay On-time?

If the Invoice becomes more then 5 calendar days overdue the system will suspend your account and you will be unable to link to traders and trading bots. All open orders in your crypto exchange accounts will be closed at the current market price at the time of suspension, you will be disconnected from all Traders and Trading bots, and will be unable to participate in the AIVIA referral program and withdraw any earnings from this program.

Is There Are Late Fees?

Yes. Starting on the day number 6 system will assess 10% of the entire invoice amount every 24 hours for the next 10 days. Thus if the user will not pay the invoice on-time, the invoice amount can double in 15 days after it is issued.

Where Can I Find My Invoice?

In the Profile, section My Invoices. Please see the screenshot below смотрите скриншот

How Do I Pay My Invoice?

Click on My Invoices, open an Invoice, and Submit a payment. You can pay in BTC or ETH.

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