Types of the projects (master accounts) on AIVIA platform

Types of the projects (master accounts) on AIVIA platform

For users’ convenience, AIVIA provides 3 options for displaying projects. The trader's master account is considered a project, which will be followed by users for copytrading.

When creating a project, you can choose the way the project is displayed, this will affect the visibility of the project on the AIVIA platform:

  1. Public. These projects and tier strategies are displayed openly for all platform users. The project must meet the AIVIA platform criteria. If you have chosen a public display for your project, the platform will override by default certain settings, such as the minimum deposit, trader's commission, maximum drawdown, and some other information. These settings will be displayed in accordance with the trader's agreement.
  2. Link with access. This type of project is intended for use by the master account holder’s own purposes. For example, traders can share the performance data with other users or link their own community to copytrading. Traders can send the link, which leads users to the trader’s profile.
  3. Private. This type of project is visible only to you in the "My projects" section of the AIVIA platform dashboard. The private projects will not be visible to anyone except for the trader. It is useful if the trader is not ready to share information regarding a specific project.

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