The required criteria for traders and bots to participate in copytrading on the AIVIA platform

The required criteria for traders  and bots to participate in copytrading on the AIVIA platform

The AIVIA platform provides traders with tremendous opportunities by allowing users to mirror their position. Traders can trade as usual on their master exchange accounts and at the same time, users of the AIVIA platform can mirror the same orders automatically with our copytrading technology.

Unfortunately, not all traders will be granted the privilege to be connected to our users, since we pay close attention to the quality of trading strategies and reliable, adequate, competent risk management.

Traders must meet certain criteria before AIVIA users will be able to copy trade hem

  1. The trader must provide a minimum of 3 months of statistical data for the trading strategy from the exchange account.
  2. The trader must trade using the exchange terminal or any other terminal. A trader may use a trading bot. It is strictly prohibited to use signals of any third-party services because this constitutes a violation of copyright laws.
  3. Every trading strategy must have clear and adequate risk management with stop-loss orders in place. Trading without a stop-loss order or a position averaging and increasing the lot size until the deposit is fully liquidated is prohibited.
  4. We do not prohibit, but do not welcome, a "toxic" approach to trading. It is not recommended to have a loss/profit ratio less than 1: 1, in other words, take-profit order should always be greater than a stop-loss order. We do not recommend using martingale strategy to increase the lot size.
  5. It is for in order to show high profitability in the rating. We recommend using a deposit for trading, at least $ 2000. The higher the trader's trading deposit, the more chances to pass our audit.
  6. The trader must comply with the platform's risk management rules. The maximum allowable drawdown should not exceed 50%.
  7. In some cases, we can request a backtest of a strategy with additional data.

If your strategy has statistical data for over 3 months and your project meets the above criteria, then our team will contact you to activate the project.

To create a project, register on the platform using the link , switch the platform to trader mode, and create a new project.

We will be happy to work with you.

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