📌 The cryptocurrency market Summary as of 06/28/2021.

There is certainly a feeling and underlying fundamentals for Bitcoin to break out above $ 35,000 and to continue the growth.

▪️ The week closed well for buyers.

▪️ This type of formations is common place, and usually we see a trend reversal or continued growth.

▪️ In general, some global SHORT positions were not overpowered, and usually Bitcoin would knock them out.

But at this point altcoins do not seem to catch a strong growth frenzie, so I would refrain from entering any positions, in order to avoid excessive risk exposure.

In relation to BTC, many altcoins look weak, although if the BTC dominance falls another 1 - 2% below the current levels, then the alts might see another excitement.

▪️ In relation to USDT there is still probability for the fall to continue, although many alts have already declined by about 80%.

💭 Therefore, in my opinion, it is safer to enter BTC long, since there are less risk and greater reward potential.
Altcoins should be considered slightly below the current purchase levels. Or in case of their reversal on the charts in relation to BTC.

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