Copy trading white label solution on Binance and Bitmex exchanges

Copy trading white label solution on Binance and Bitmex exchanges

Professional traders and prominent social influencers in the crypto market have very limited options in terms of reliable and intuitive technology when it comes to providing services to their communities. If they have some developer experience, they can spend a lot of time creating a platform for their users and integrating it with trusted exchanges such as Bitmex or Binance. If they don't have any coding experience, they can hire a team of developers, spend a lot of time and money, and hope that everything will work as intended. Until now these were the only two options.

The good news is another option became available as of January of 2022. AIVIA rolled out a White Label solution called AuM Expert.  It is a customizable no-code development trading platform integrated with Binance and Bitmex exchanges, enabling professional traders, crypto community leaders, and influencers, or any large organization to start a copy trading business under their own brand. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up and launch. Our copy trading system mirrors the activity of the exchange account of the leading trader to subscribers’ accounts. The setup is free, and in some cases, the monthly maintenance and operations are free as well (for pricing, please review the reseller agreement on our site It can not get more affordable than this. Here is what is included:

The trading platform is fully integrated with Binance and Bitmex exchanges.

The merchant service integrated into the platform allows you to set up an amount and time frame of the subscription fee.

Use our subdomain or your own domain to direct your users to the registration page.

After registering an account your subscriber will gain access to a clean and intuitive dashboard branded with your logo, colors, and fonts consistent with your brand book.

Traders and Influencers can create multiple trading strategies and white labels in their Aum Expert dashboard.

The marketing section is integrated with social media, messengers, and support chat and is included as well.

The simple referral program is integrated and ready to go if your business model calls for it

Billing is done automatically.

As you can see, AIVIA’s white label solution trading platform is a truly no-code development business in the box.

For the time being it is available only on Bitmex and Binance exchanges. We are going to expand integrations into other exchanges as we see fit.

To try it out, register on the AuM.Expert website. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.

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