Copy trading solution for assets management

Copy trading solution for assets management

In the world of ever-advancing technology, there are way too many options to consider for asset managers. It is very hard to make the right choice of reliable and useful software and service providers. It is especially challenging to find a copy trading solution for assets management. And almost impossible to find it for the crypto market.

Assets under the management industry aka AuM remained unchanged for many decades. There are too many regulations, restrictions, and governmental oversight.

In the past 24 months, a new class of assets has emerged and provided a lot of opportunities for participants. We are talking about crypto assets. A huge amount of liquidity has been injected into this market. It is over two trillion dollars strong, which equates to about 20x growth in the last 24 months.

The crypto assets management professionals are demanding a reliable copy trading solution to accommodate their clients. Here is one of the best ever solutions for you: powered by AIVIA.

This is a White Label service, specifically designed to use the most robust copy trading technology for crypto assets management.

The asset managers can enjoy many advantages of copy trading solutions. Among them is the ability to use trading bots, manual trading, two exchanges to choose from, custom success fee, custom subscription fee, custom interface fonts, colors, and logo consistent with the brand of the asset managers or their company. The system can handle over ten thousand copy trades per second. It means that trades in your exchange account might be copied to over ten thousand exchange accounts of your followers. It is really impressive. Billing, merchant service, marketing, and even referral program are integrated and ready to use. It is a turn-key business. It will take about 20 minutes to launch a white label under your brand and the best part - the setup is free of charge. is a perfect solution for experienced traders, assets managers, Ā prop trading companies, traders-influencers, and traders with large communities of followers on youtube, Instagram, telegram, tweeter, Facebook, Discord, or any other social media or anyone looking to start a professional copy trading business.

The timing is perfect, the price is super affordable, and the demand is over the top. Feel free to contact us with any questions related to this opportunity

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