Attention Traders! Now your can provide copytrading service to your clients

Attention Traders! Now your can provide copytrading service to your clients

The AIVIA rolled out an amazing update, that allows traders to engage their clients. This update will greatly benefit traders on Binance and Bitmex exchanges. If you are one of those traders, we are excited for you! Now your clients can mirror trading transactions in their own accounts with the AIVIA copy trading technology.

You can link all of your clients to the AIVIA copy trading system, set the risk management parameters such as drawdown limits, lot size, and so on. You can monitor the copy trading process in your trader’s dashboard, and your clients at the same time can view mirrored transactions in their exchange account.

Everyone can benefit from the AIVIA copytrading.

The Qualified account users can enjoy the AIVIA copy trading system for free, while others can do it for a small subscription fee.

To ensure, that account is Qualified, the user must create an exchange account without any referral links. When adding an exchange account to the AIVIA platform, user can see user will be able to see if the account meets requirements or not.

If your account is not Qualified, you can choose one of our subscription plans. You can review all plans here.

If you are ready to create a new project to empower your clients to copy trade your winning strategies please see the instruction for step by step tutorial on how to create a project and how to link your clients.

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