AIVIA copy trading technology is gaining popularity on Binance

AIVIA copy trading technology is gaining popularity on Binance

It is a fact that Distributed Ledger Technology aka Blockchain is becoming a  part of our everyday life. Love it or hate it we are seeing a massive opportunity related to this new technology.

There are many segments of businesses engaged in the adoption of Blockchain; supply chain, information storage, social media, art, music, accounting, security of the information, KYC, privacy, gaming, and many more. Each Blockchain uses its own unit of exchange of value referred to as a Token or cryptocurrency. There is a big difference between the two, but at this point, we are not going to cover this topic. There are so many assets coming out of this industry, that it has become a stand-alone market known as the crypto market. There are many institutional investors injecting capital into this market. The market of crypto assets has expanded over twenty times in the past two years and it is just the beginning.

We would like to focus on the most promising segment of the crypto market; Assets under Management (AuM). There are many exchanges competing for dominance in this segment and the most prominent exchange with adequate liquidity is Binance. Binance enables small traders and institutions to provide AuM services. AIVIA is a broker-partner of Binance and a unique service provider. AIVIA’s copy trading technology enables experienced traders with proven strategies to lead less experienced users.

Registration on AIVIA is free, and there is a free subscription plan available for qualified users.

With AIVIA’s copy trading technology the lead trader sets up entry and exit points in the Binance account, and the followers’ Binance accounts will have the same trades set up on their Binance accounts. At the end of the month, Followers will receive the bill for the trader's success fee based on profit. It is a simple and straightforward system.

AIVIA’s copy trading service is gaining a lot of popularity. In the last 6 months, Binance recognized and rewarded AIVIA twice as one of its top fifteen brokers monthly superstars for the month of December 2021 and the month of February 2022.

The formula for success is really simple: The better the performance of the trading strategy, the more profitable a trader is; the more profitable Followers. Our traders constantly add new trading strategies and enhance the proven strategies to be more effective. Our goal at AIVIA is to provide the best technology for the lead traders and followers.

As a part of the service enhancement to meet the demand of our institutional clients with large amounts of capital and independent traders with a large community of followers, AIVIA provides a white label solution that enables the use of our core technology for copytrading business under client’s brand. It means anyone with a proven trading strategy can launch their own copy trading business under their own brand in under 30 minutes. The setup is free of charge, and there is even a free subscription plan available. The AIVIA White Label Solution is a real game-changer for traders with a large number of followers and social media influencers who have a large number of subscribers and proven solid trading strategies. The information is available on the website

There are many new institutional clients testing and coming on board thanks to our copy trading system.

We are constantly working on updating and enhancing our technology. We understand that the most important thing in business is providing the best service for the best price. Our relationship as a broker-partner with Binance and other exchanges is helping us in some cases to keep the price level down to $0.0 for our users and clients.

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