White Label for Social Trading

White Label for Social Trading

The crypto market going thru tough times. The capitalization is depleting, and the lack of regulations and compliance is spooking participants, especially institutional investors. The crypto market is down to only $850 billion dollars from its highest point of capitalization of almost $3 trillion just over a year ago, an astonishing 70% drop in the amount of money circulating in the market. If we take the same data and apply it to the stock market it will be equivalent to the NASDAQ making a move from 16,000 to about 4,800 in the span of one year. This would have resulted in an unimaginable crisis in the global economy. Luckily the NASDAQ is down by a much smaller amount, but it still has a very real adverse effect on the economy. Many companies are forced to lay off employees, limit the expanding operations and prepare for the prolonged downtrend in consumer spending habits as credit becomes more expensive in the light of the Fed's commitment to tame inflation.

Besides the global economic situation, the crypto market was rocked by the collapse of the FTX - the third-largest exchange. There are many questions, inconsistencies, and conspiracies around this situation. We are not going to repeat them.

Regardless of the negative developments and exodus of capital from the crypto market, we at AIVIA believe it is a temporary condition. In light of the latest developments in the crypto market, there is a huge demand for social trading. AKA as copy trading. This segment of the crypto did not slow down at all. AIVIA has developed a system fully integrated with Binance and Bitmex exchanges. We have never integrated with the FTX exchange, so none of our users were exposed and subject to the losses associated with the bankruptcy filings of the FTX.

For social media crypto gurus with a community of subscribers or followers, we have developed a white-label solution for copy (social) trading. Professional traders, signal providers, algorithmic system (trading bots) developers, asset managers, and large investor community leaders are benefiting greatly from our technology. No coding, programming, or other software-related skills are needed.

It is a turn-key crypto trading platform with a wealth of features and integrations. Strengthen your brand by uploading your logo, and choosing your color theme, domain name, and fonts. Billing, referral program, customer service chat, and social media integrations are in place and ready for your business.

Setup is free and takes less than half an hour.

You can visit our site aum.expert to start your copy trading business. Social trading is commenced via API keys. At present time copy trading services are available for Binance and Bitmex exchange users. Some other exchanges are been integrated.

The system is extremely robust and flexible. For most users, the standard version is sophisticated to operate a copy trading business. Algorithmic trading is supported as well.

So bring your trading strategies and our technology will take care of the rest.

Many custom solutions are available, such as integrations with specific exchanges, custom referral programs of any complexity, custom merchant integration, and any integrations with the systems via API.

You can watch a short video to get familiar with our white-label copy trading system.

We wish you a lot of success.

May profit be with you!

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