Platform v2.6.0 - Copy Trading System

Platform v2.6.0 - Copy Trading   System

AIVIA is excited to announce that as of June the 1st, 2020 beta version of the automated Copy Trading system has been launched.

What Does That Means for Investors?

✅ Immediate linking to traders or bots participating in the copy trading. No confirmation required.

✅ The minimum deposit requirement has been reduced to 0.02 BTC.

✅ Copy Trading system utilizes a unique algorithm.

✅ Risk management system with the stop order based on declared drawback.

✅ Trailing stop order that enables Investors to reduce the amount of the declared drawback by trailing profits and adjusting stop order accordingly.

Please note: Copy Trading system has been launched and for some time will remain in beta testing mode.

This new Copy Trading system development was planned to be launched as a part of a trading terminal in between 2021-2022 according to our road map. But the executive team at AIVIA have decided to develop and launch Copy Trading this year, way ahead of schedule in order to bring more value to our community and meet the demand for this technology on the market.

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