Copytrading turn key business is a great hedge during a contracting economy

Copytrading turn key business is a great hedge during a contracting economy

It is an obvious fact that the economy started its downturn in the span of the last few months. The major contributors are the fed rate adjustments, the geopolitical landscape, and the overheated growth in the stock, commodities, real estate, and crypto markets. It is a time for a cyclical recession as a result consumer spending is down. Some of the big companies are laying off their professionals and highly paid employees to cut expenses. For many people, it is a time to brace for the impact of this contracting economy.

We have expected the change in the entire trend and diligently worked on creating a turnkey copytrading business for professional traders, asset managers, crypto community influencers, and any organization with a large number of subscribers, customers, and users.

We are concentrating on the crypto market because it is the most likely to recover faster than any other market.

The AuM.Expert is a White Label solution based on a robust copy trading technology, integrated with Binance and BitMex exchanges. It is a fully-fledged copy trading platform. AuM.Expert enables professional traders and influencers to launch a business in less than 30 minutes.  The setup process is FREE, and the domain, colors, fonts, and logo can be uploaded accordingly to your brand. No coding experience is needed. No expensive developers, no expenses to start. It is a diamond in the rough for the crypto community influencers.

AuM.Expert copytrading system has a lot to offer. Design a dashboard for your users consistent with your brand colors, fonts, and logo. Merchant integrated to enable you to accept subscription fees or success fees, or both. Marketing with a built-in simple referral program. Support chat is integrated for you to provide great customer service. Advanced billing system based on the custom parameters and preferences.

In the downtrend economy, markets are contracting and losing liquidity. With the AuM.Expert professional traders, signal providers, and crypto influencers can use their skills to help the community to profit from bear markets as well as a bull market. In the bear market cash is king and by shorting the cryptocurrency, you, your followers, and subscribers will increase USDT holdings. It is a real win/win for all the parties involved. Our copytrading business will enable you to help your subscribers and followers to strive during the challenging economy.

Advanced users may request any modifications to the White Label.

Our team is committed to the well-being of a crypto community.

May profit always be with you!

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