Copy Trading Business on Binance and Bitmex exchanges

Copy Trading Business on Binance and Bitmex exchanges

In this post, you will learn how to create your own copytrading business on Binance or Bitmex exchanges.

Imagine, you are a professional trader, a hedge fund manager, or a crypto community opinion leader with immense training expertise and a community of followers and subscribers that trusts you. To monetize hard work in building this community, most influencers sell their signals, or training materials, which provide great value to the followers or subscribers and help them make successful trades. It is very hard work to stay on top of your game, and always create great quality signals or useful training content.

Thanks to AuM.Expert you can take community monetization to a whole new level. It is a no-code copy trading platform integrated with Binance and Bitmex exchanges. The technology behind the copy trading business is very responsive, with ultra-low latency.

AuM.Expert is a White Label solution that enables crypto community opinion leaders, influencers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, professional traders, and hedge fund managers to set up a fully-fledged copytrading platform under their brand. The logo, colors, fonts, and links can be set up accordingly to your brand. The setup usually takes less than fifteen minutes. It means that you can be operating your copy trading business on Binance or Bitmex exchanges, with zero setup cost within 15 minutes.

In addition to selling trading signals or training materials and other content, all your trades on the Binance or Bitmex exchange will be available for your entire community to copy to their exchange accounts. Integrated merchant service enables you to charge a subscription fee and success fee. You can choose any frequency and amount of the fees.  Billing is done automatically. You can even use a simple referral program if your business model requires rewarding those, who refer others to your services. There is no limit to the number of subscribers or followers. There is no limit to the number of White Labels. You can set up multiple strategies for the single White Label, or you can set up one strategy for every White Label.

Your copy trading platform is very intuitive and highly customizable.

You can request custom modules and integrations.

As everybody knows, AuM.Expert provides the best opportunity to start your copy trading business on Binance and Bitmex at zero cost.

To give it a try you can register on AuM.Expert and set up your first White Label.

There is a short demo video on the site.

Any software or service with API capabilities can be integrated with the white label platform.

If you have any questions about custom options, tools, or features, please leave an inquiry with our customer support team and our representative will contact you

May profit always be with you!

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