A Copy Trading Platform. Your White Label Solution.

A Copy Trading Platform.  Your White Label Solution.

In this post, we would like to discuss the opportunity for advanced crypto traders to establish a copy trading business.

Research shows, that most of the professional traders in the crypto market are struggling to provide a good quality service to their customers. Especially traders with a large number of customers. There are only a few options available.

One option is having customers transfer their assets into the trader’s exchange account. It is creating a lot of stress for both the trader and the customers. In this case, the trader has a huge liability for the security of the customer’s assets, and customers have no control over any part of their assets. The trader must provide a detailed report, usually done in excel format and takes a lot of time to compile. The assets must be divided into exchange subaccounts and serviced manually. It is really hard to keep up with the administration and management and be a successful trader at the same time.

Another option for the Asset Managers or professional traders is to use an API key to set up trading strategies in the customer’s account. Most of the exchanges such as Binance, Bitmex, FTX, OKX, Bybit, Huobi, Kucoin, and many more have the technology for using API keys. This option removes the security and reporting stress from the trader, because the assets remain in the customer’s account, and gives the customer complete control of the assets. The only challenge that remains is the manual trading strategy management of each customer’s account and billing for the success fee or the subscription.

The best option for professional traders, asset managers, or trading signals providers is to use a copy trading platform such as the AIVIA platform. Most copy trading platforms require traders to sign up, create a project and enable them to link followers. It is a great option for professional traders that don’t have any community but would like to attract followers. The AIVIA platform enables linked followers to copy every trade of the leading account and take care of the billing. There is no more stress related to the manual setup of each account. All you have to do is what you do best - just trade and make a profit.

But what about those successful traders, trading signals providers, and crypto community influencers with followers and subscribers? Until now, they have had only one option. They were forced to spend fifty to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to hire a developer to create the copy trading platform and integrate it with the crypto exchanges of their choice. Even then, most of the time it will not be functioning properly, causing a lot of frustration and loss of followers.

We are sure, some of you can relate to this situation.

We have created a White Label solution based on our copy trading technology. As a result the AuM.Expert was born. It is a game changer for the big community influencers and professional traders. Now you can set up and launch the copy trading platform using your brand colors, logo, and fonts for free. It is no code turnkey copy trading business. The integrated exchanges are Binance and Bitmex. The details are available in this short video

Any custom solutions are available.

We are looking forward to helping you strive.

AIVIA executive team

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