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• pick and choose the best trading strategies
• review performance data in real-time
• set the risk according to your tolerance
• keep your crypto in your favorite exchange
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The Assets under Management industry had remained unchanged for over 100 years. We founded AIVIA to provide investors with the opportunity to create wealth by employing new technologies and the best trading strategies in crypto.
Andrey Vorobyovski
CEO & Founder
Top rated Traders
Invest in one click by picking top rated trading strategies
Algo Trading
Users can choose from many algorithmic strategies on the platform and mirror them by using our technology. Those strategies are created and managed by professional traders using special software.
Short Overview
Diversify your deposit among different traders by using multiple exchange accounts to mitigate risk and create an investment portfolio with various trading strategies
Here's how it works
You can see how to link to a trader or bot in under 20 seconds.
Estimate your ROI
Estimate the ROI of your portfolio by backtesting historical data of traders and trading bots
Our Mission
Helping investors to achieve desirable results in the crypto market by providing advanced wealth management technology
What is AIVIA?
AIVIA is a platform for investors, traders and trading bots. Our technology enables investors to mirror top traders on their own crypto exchange accounts, monitor real time statistical data, analyze traders' activity.

Traders are managing investors' crypto exchange accounts by using API keys.
Which crypto exchanges are integrated with you?
We are currently integrated with Bitmex
and Binance

You can deposit BTC on Bitmex and USDT on Binance
What is API key and how to obtain it?
The API Key is a long set of characters that is used as the identifier for your exchange account. The API Key is used in conjunction with a secret key to gain access to your trading account. Please note that each API key has settings for different levels of access. If you are an investor and want to add your account to the platform, you will need an API Key set for "order" access, which will allow traders to conduct trading transactions on your account. If you are a trader, you need to create an API Key set as "read"; this will allow the AIVIA platform to access your trading performance statistical data.
How is the PnL calculated?
The trader executes trades on investor's account via API-Keys. Losses from the trading activity subtracted from profits equals a PnL.
How can I minimize the risk by using AIVIA platform?
In order to minimize risks, we recommend that you diversify the deposit among several traders, for each trader you will have to create a separate account on the exchange.

Pay attention to the statistical data of the trader's performance, the maximum declared percentage of loss, as well as how long the trader has been trading on his/her own account. An important indicator is also how much in assets a trader has in his/her own trading account and how much the percentage of profit differs from month to month.
It's easy to get started
Sign Up
Register on the platform by filling out the short and simple form
Add an API-Key
Add a new account by clicking on the "My Accounts" tab and insert the API Key and Secret from Bitmex exchange in the corresponding fields.
Link your account to the Trader
Click on the "TOP Traders" tab, choose the trader and enter View mode. Click on the "Link" button, choose the account you want to link and confirm. Done!
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