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The Investment platform allows investors to link top Crypto Traders
and Trading Bots via API Keys
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Your deposit stays in your crypto exchange account. You retain complete control over your assets. The Trader will manage your account via API key.

Trading Bots

Server Side Crypto Futures Trading Bots with trading Strategies, developed by professional traders
Bot Activation in One Click
You do not need to install the trading bot on your computer and keep the computer on for 24 hours to ensure that the bot works continuously.
Improve Trading Performance
Manage bot settings directly from your back office, configure take profit, stop loss, trailing stop, position size and much more.
Get your Trading Experience
Watch live, how your Bot trading on your Account. Customize setting, Analyze strategies and much more.
Fast. Reliable. Profitable.
The Platform provides the best environment for the investment of your crypto capital
Fast Linking
Linking your crypto exchange account will take less than 10 minutes. We provide detailed instructions on how to do it. Our Support chat is available in your back-office.
The Platform provides real time statistical data based on performance of the exchange account of the trader. Traders can't manipulate those statistics; the data feed comes directly from exchange in real time.
Complete Control
You retain complete control over your exchange account. You can deactivate API keys at any time. A Security Deposit is another tool for protecting investor's assets
Diversify Risks
Distribute your deposit among several traders using several exchange accounts. It will help you to diversify your portfolio among different trading strategies and minimize risks.
Easy steps to start
Register on the platform by filling out the short and simple form.
Add an API Key
Add a new account by clicking on the "My Accounts" tab and insert the API Key and Secret from Bitmex exchange in the corresponding fields.
Link your account to the Trader
Click on the "TOP Traders" tab, choose the trader and enter View mode. Click on the "Link" button, choose the account you want to link and confirm. Done!
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the opportunity for investors to profit in a fast, convenient, secure, transparent and reliable manner from crypto asset management by employing the best Traders and cutting edge technology for the newest and best strategies and risk management.
August 2019
Launch of AIVIA Platform for
investors and traders
October 2019
Integration of trading bots into the platform with the ability to link them to traders
Integration of Trading Terminal
Cryptocurrency OTC Integration
Development of a hybrid blockchain based on POW + POS for building a decentralized payment system. Issuing of an algorithmic stable coin based on AIV.
Launch of AiviaPay payment and merchant
system based on AIVchain Technology
Global Goals 2020-2025
Distribution of AIV Token and AivDrop
Community of 1,000,000 users
Improving platform services
Launch of AiviaPay payment system
What is AIVIA?
AIVIA is a platform for effective interactions between investors and crypto asset managers. AIVIA enables investors to monitor real time statistical data, analyze traders' activity, and provides traders with technology and other tools in order to ensure transparency and safety for crypto investors and traders who manage crypto assets.

Crypto asset managers and traders will be able to manage Investors' crypto exchange accounts by using API keys.
Which crypto exchanges are integrated with you?
We are integrated with Bitmex crypto exchange

Bitmex provides high liquidity for crypto assets, as well as professional tools required for effective crypto trading.
What is API key and how to obtain it?
The API Key is a long set of characters that is used as the identifier for your exchange account. The API Key is used in conjunction with a secret key to gain access to your trading account. Please note that each API key has settings for different levels of access. If you are an investor and want to add your account to the platform, you will need an API Key set for "order" access, which will allow traders to conduct trading transactions on your account. If you are a trader, you need to create an API Key set as "read"; this will allow the AIVIA platform to access your trading performance statistical data.

In order to create a key, you need a trading account on the Bitmex exchange.

Log in to your account on the Bitmex exchange

Go to the tab "Account" -> "API Keys".

Specify the key name and the required level of access setting.

Click the "Create API Key" button.
When and How will I receive my profit?
The trader duplicates orders from his/her own trading account in the investor's trading account through the API Key. The trading performance statistical data is reflected in the rating on the AIVIA platform. The investor can monitor the balance in real time; statistical data of performance is updated every 15 minutes. The platform takes profits on the last day of the month at 23:59. The investor can withdraw profits from the account at any time after "take profit" positions are executed.
How can I minimize the risks by using AIVIA platform?
In order to minimize risks, we recommend that you distribute the deposit among several traders, for each trader you will have to create separate accounts on the exchange and separate API Keys.

Pay attention to the statistical data of the trader's performance, the maximum declared percentage of loss, as well as how long the trader has been trading on his/her own account. An important indicator is also how much in assets a trader has in his/her own trading account and how much the percentage of profit differs from month to month.
What is a Security Deposit?
A security deposit is designed to provide an added layer of protection for Investors' Assets against possible losses. Investors may request the Trader to make a security deposit in the amount equal up to maximum declared percentage of losses. If the trader agrees, the security deposit will be transferred to the designated wallet on AIVIA platform.

If the Trader declares that the maximum loss will not exceed 30% of the entire Investors deposit, then according to the terms and conditions of the platform, the trader is committed to aggregated orders to limit losses to 30% of the investor's deposit. If the stop losses are triggered and the trader agrees to transfer Security Deposit to AIVIA platform, AIVIA platform will transfer the Security Deposit to the Investors.
Our Partners

AIVIA has won a prestigious Digital Summit Award in the category «The Best Platform for the Asset Management». AIVIA's team was recognized among the greatest developers, that has been developing software for well-known banks. Our team at AIVIA appreciates all of you who voted for our platform. We are working hard for you.

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